16 December 2006


Yes, I've been away for a bit, I apologise unreservedly now.

You see, in the words of modern medical education, I have been experiencing the patient pathway from an alternative perspective.

I've been a punter.

If you've ever been in hospital, you know it's not a pleasant experience. Let me tell you, it's even worse when you know exactly how fucked up it all is.

I dunno whether other patients would remind nurses when they need time critical medication, I dunno whether other patients would question inappropriate medication prescribing or administration, I dunno whether other patients would be as nervous as I was if they knew too much about their condition.

Anyway, back now and only slightly worse for wear.

(And I would like that thank everyone who sent get well soon messages, it was very much appreciated)

Disillusionment in Medical School

Dr Crippen has recieved an interesting letter from a rather disenheartened medical student, you can read it (and his excellent blog) here.

Many of the commentators on the blog have made, what I feel, is the rather uninformed and derogatory comment that this is just a student thing, just a temporary moment of doubt or, perhaps worst, that he deserves nothing less.

This is clearly more than an isolated person having a momentary crisis of confidence.Medical students are far from fools and, unlike many other students, we have a predetermined path, so we do tend to be a bit more clued up on what's going on. We look at things like MMC, like EWTD, the state of the NHS in general and the experiences of our friends who have progressed and I think it's fair to say that most of us have serious doubt.Why would you want to commit five or six (or more) years of your life and upwards of £50,000 to an career where the only certainty is that you will be pissed on by practically everyone from the government downwards?