20 August 2006

Random job

Got a call fairly late yesterday evening to go work at a relatively famous london theatre. Wouldn't have been so much of a problem if they'd given me more than 40 minutes warning or i wasn't still in bed. I did eventually get there after wrestling with the complexities of the tube and was only slightly late. Was a fun evening in the end, saw two shows from the national youth theatre and a comedy performance and got paid for the privilige. Then we went for a drink...

17 August 2006


Work today is still the string trio and the nice cars. It's a really simple rig complicated by the fact that it's absolutely pissing down with rain in london at the moment and i've used the world's supply of bin bags trying to cover all the connections.

16 August 2006

What I Do At Work

Today, i'm being paid to listen to a string quartet and stare longingly at some of the nicest cars on the planet. There are certainly worse ways to spend a wednesday...

8 August 2006

Home Cinema

One of the benefits of living in a house of tech, with a computer scientist (the one below) a theatre tech and another techie, is having all sorts of shiny kit - like a projector - lying around.

My housemate