7 February 2007

I Am Not A Drain On Society

Well, actually I am.

But the above is the title of Merys' Blog. Mery's is an ickle baby medical student who's struggle to get into medical school and her continuing struggle to get through it moderately unscathed make up her blog. To boot, she's also a very nice girl, albeit northern (but nobody's perfect).

Incidently, she recently entered the Love To Lead blogging competition and is within a hairs bredth of winning a shiny new laptop on which to spend hours studying medicine (and farting around on the interweb). It seems however that the two leading entries aren't proper blogs, one seems infact to be plagerised from another source, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd pop over and vote for her.

1 comment:

The Angry Medic said...

Ooh, "ickle baby student"? Ouch. And for some reason I never noticed she was from oop norf.

On another note, it's been fifty-five years since you last blogged. What's the matter, kidney stones blocking you? (ha ha, geddit? You're Renal, and kidney stones block kidney function....um I'll shut up now.)