7 February 2007

UH Comedy

I may have mentioned my respect for Dr Crippen before, if you have not read his blog I urge you to do so now.

The good doctor recently posted with reference to the UH Comedy Revue, an annual gathering of the five London medical schools to perform a sketch show or medic humour. You can read the post in question here.

I have no doubt that Dr Crippen included this in his blog, rightly or wrongly, because it supports his views on nurse practitioners.

What astounded me was the vitriolic comments that this attracted from our nursing collegues. Is the nursing profession having a sense of humour failure?

The UH comedy revue is written, performed and produced solely by medical students. It unashamedly has a laugh at the expense of things that medical students find funny - I think it fair to say that we are not the general public and we do not share the same humour. It is at times dark, nasty and thoroughly thoroughly black. It is quite certainly not politically correct and anything is considered a valid target, particularly those that we work with, be they doctors, nurses, patients or stillborn infants (thanks Guys).

As a sketch, this was performed particularly well by Imperial and was particularly well recieved by an audience made up of students from all five London schools.

So what's the problem with the sketch?

I would be particularly disappointed to see nurses not only teaching medical students but also proscribing what they are allowed to find humorous.

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