25 September 2007

Year 4 Week 3 - Mental Kids

(Not the patients, the freshers)

It's freshers fortnight this week.

It's also my first week back in hospital since July.

I've started my paeds firm properly now. To say it's organised chaos would give it too much credit, it's not particularly organised, half of us have been shunted out into the community, which isn't bad from a learning point of view, but we're essentially forgotten (and we have a fortnight of the same immediately after this firm).

However, I'm finding myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I like engaging with the patients and their families - on the good days it's far more laid back and fun than medicine for big people.

And yes, freshers started here this week (well, Saturday). At least this intake seem like a decent bunch at first glance, they've been out in force, they're almost all borderline alcoholics and they seem quite happy to dress up in the most ridiculously costumes - what more can you ask of them? For me, I've been good; I haven't pulled a fresher yet, I haven't destroyed one either (they don't need my help) and I've done my shifts and (mostly) got up for school the next morning. Not bad going really.


Future Doc said...

wootage, you've started posting again!!

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"Not bad going really."

Indeed, it is not bad, eh. yet, I'm looking forward for an update from you. :)

Take care,
Peny@cherokee uniforms