24 September 2007

Year 4 Week 2 - Mental Kids

Back in the swing of things, the year has started properly with me dipping my toes into the unchlorinated pool of paediatrics. I've sat through week of lectures, grossly inadequate to prepare us for the vastness of child health, and feel a bizarre combination of fascinated and truly terrified. A lot of the week focused on child mental health - behavioural problems, developmental disorders, mood disorders and the rest - I wasn't expecting much from it, to be honest, I only went because it's attendance is compulsory, however, I found a lot of the material fascinating, I'm really looking forward to learning more about it. However, a lecture on sick kids (and how quickly they die) mainly worried me, I'm not sure how I'll deal with that sort of thing. On a side note, I'm impressed by my own attendance - I've only actually taken one hungover afternoon off (attendance checks might not be all that bad a thing).

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